SBSLG encourages families to explore a full range of funding resourcees when looking for learning opportunities and support for their children.  SBSLG accepts a variety of funding options:

Autism Services are now available for purchase

DO YOU HAVE THE $8,000.00, $10,000.00, $10,000….

Erinoak Kids Funded IBI / ABA

Changes to the current program are underway​

  • Today:

    • parent coaching

    • flexible hours (1 -20)

    • centre, home or both

    • small groups

    • one-to-one teaching

    •  initial evaluation with goal planning​

Extended Health Insurance Plans

    • Dr. Elizabeth Benedetto is the Chief Registered Psychologist at SBSLG.  She works collaboratively with families, helping them determine what works best for the children and their families. Let’s determine if services provided may be covered by your insurance plan.  ​Appropriate invoices are provided for claim purposes.  Please inquire with your Insurance company to determine what services are eligible for coverage.

Private Grants

A variety of types of funding assistance is offered through the community.  If you would like more information we are happy to help.  Please contact us at 905-847-7700 or by email at ​​

     Some options from the Autism Ontario site:

  •  Angels with Autism provides financial assistance to familes of individuals with autism to secure quality educational and therapeutic services, and to introduce sensory programs. The organization also provides scholarships to individuals with autism for post-secondary education.​
  • President’s Choice Children’s Charity is dedicated to helping children 18 years of age and under who are physically or developmentally challenged. The aim is to remove some of the obstacles that make everyday living extremely difficult and make it a little easier for the child or family to cope with the disability. PC Children’s Charity provides direct financial assistance in the purchase of expensive mobility equipment, environmental modifications, physical therapy, and more. A financial assistance application form must be completed.