About Us

since 2004

Our foundation is one of respect for everyone, with a commitment to listen and learn from evidence-based practice.  We place the child a the centre of our work. 

Our goal is to foster lasting change in the lives of the families we touch.  We feel strongly about asking questions, seeking out answers, documenting change and learning from our actions.

Step by Step Foundations


Autism Services

Step by Step Foundations is located in the North West corner of Brampton, Ontario.  We offer a range of services for children aged 18 months to 10 years of age.  We care, teach and empower with the use of evidence-based interventions in a variety of skill acquisition areas including language, academics, learner readiness and social skills.

Step by Step

Learning Space


Assessment & Diagnosis

Step by Step Learning Group is excited to be able to offer assessment for a variety of needs.  We assess children as early as 18 months for parents who are concerned about language delays, lack of social development, lags in thinking skills, or early pre-academics.  We assess children in the early school age years up to 18 years of age for cogntiive skills, academic strengths and challenges, and social-emotional difficulties.  A report with diagnosis (when warranted) including recommendations is always provided.

Step by Step

Learning Space


Academic Intervention


Step by Step’s Learning Space is an academic intervention and school support centre conveniently located in Halton Hills, Ontario. We specialize in academic intervention for students that require a 1-1 skill acquisition based tutoring services.  We offer remediation to students with learning exceptionalities or those who are struggling academically due to large class numbers, COVID restrictions or who simply need extra teaching time and attention.  We also teach those students that want to exceed typical grade expectations.


Our Mission

SBSLG was founded to care, teach and empower children, parents and caregivers.  Our mission is to give parents, caregivers, aunts and uncles, grandparents, teachers and therapists the tools necessary to help children not only grow, but to thrive.


Our Vision

Our vision began as a shared desire to teach children and their families to lead their best lives using evidence-based practices.  We hope to offer services that make a difference, whether that be through diagnosis, assessment or therapy.  We value…the child, the family, the science, and the future.

“Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much”

-Hellen Keller


Covid-19 Notice

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