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Behavioral Intervention

Step by Step is excited to now be offering behavioral intervention services virtually to our students and their families.  This includes direct instruction programming, coached online therapeutic programs and more traditional ABA teaching formats.  We teach language arts, reading, math and writing. We encourage all families to give virtual teaching a try, our students have shown us that they to can persevere during the global pandemic.  

Accessing education and intervention services is essential for children with autism, or other unique learning needs and their families. SBS Foundations provides access to needed services when you have no providers near you or when you are concerned about the health and wellbeing of your family during the Global Pandemic. SBS Foundations serves children and families throughout the province of Ontario.  Our staff including qualified psychologists, behavior analysts and special educators provide Tele-ABA services via a secured virtual platform.  The benefits? You and your child can access these services from the convenience of your own home.


Telehealth: Where technology supports caring, teaching and empowering!

Both our intensive and focused behavioral intervention programs include the support of the Clinical Supervisor/BCBA and/or Psychologist who is responsible for participating in and overseeing the assessment, the development of the individual program plan for each child and the continued supervision of staff and program. The Clinical Supervisor/Psychologist observes and gives feedback and suggestions to the Behavior Therapists/RBTs on an on-going basis.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the use of digital information and communication technologies, such as computers and mobile devices, to access health care services remotely.  

Telehealth and your child.

1. Proper introductions – both student and parents are an important part of preparing for remote sessions. 

2. Your student’s ability to participate in telehealth – keep in mind that your student may be dealing with major disruptions in their daily home and school routine. Don’t give up too soon.

3. Parental involvement is a priority – Parent/caregiver assistance is essential for successful remote learning.  At the beginning, our focus is as much on the parent as the student.

4. Preference Assessments – we need to talk about how reinforcement will be provided throughout the session.

5. We must develop a plan with you that includes specifics on prompting and reinforcement during the ABA sessions

6. Dont be discouraged – we will work with you to teach pre-requisite skills that your student will need to learn during telehealth sessions 



SBSLG Team Members



Behavior Therapist/RBT

Clinical Supervisor/BCBA


Who is this program for?

5 to 10 years old

Children who have a diagnosis of ASD or who would benefit from 1-1 instruction

Families any where in Ontario

Service Includes:

Individual Assessment & Program Plan

Individual remote intervention sessions

Parent/guardian support and training

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