Dr. Elizabeth Benedetto, C. Psych., BCBA-D

We believe that every individual is unique.  That we all possess strengths and weaknesses and that we are all a GIFT.

We believe psychological services and supports are needed right now.  

We are passionate about helping each other transform our lives so that we can all be the best that we can be.  

We believe that caring and learning make a better place to thrive and grow.  That's why we come to SBSLG everyday.  We are committed to helping: whether that be through assessment or intervention.  Whether your child receives a diagnosis or whether you bring your child weekly to one of our learning sessions.  We are committed to effective, ethical, science informed innovations. 

Dr. Elizabeth Benedetto, C. Psych., BCBA-D

Clinical Director

Dr. Eizabeth Benedetto, known as Dr. Liz to the Step By Step family, is owner, Clinical Director and Senior Psychologist at SBSLG. She is a School and Child Clinical Psychologist as well as a Board Certified Behavior Analysis. She has worked with kids in the clinical hospital setting, in Autism Specialty Centres and in the school system. When away from work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children exploring the world and meeting new people.

Carmine Benedetto, RECE., RC

Clinical Manager

Carmine began working with children shortly after completing her diploma in Early Childhood Education. She is now both a registered ECE and Resource Consultant specializing in the inclusion of children with special needs into their communities. In her leisure time Carmine enjoys being creative, walks with the dogs and spending time with her family.

Nancy Silva, M.ADS, BCBA

Clinical Supervisor

Nancy is the Clinical Supervisor for SBSLG and works closely with Dr. Liz to design and supervise unique learning programs that are tailored to each child's individual needs. She has worked with children and adolescents with special learning needs since 2000. Nancy enjoys the outdoors and spending time with her family. Nancy is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).