Direct Instruction

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Language for Learning
  • Language for Learning is a language program designed to teach young pre-readers language, concepts, information, and knowledge that will be beneficial in the classroom setting as they are learning to read.
Language for Thinking
  • Language for Thinking is an extension of the skills and concepts taught in the Language for Learning Direct Instruction Program.  Both programs emphasize language as a means of describing the world and as a tool for thinking and solving problems.  The program is most commonly used with students in Senior Kindergarten to Grade 3.  It can also be used for speakers with English as a second language.


Reading Mastery (Kindergarten to Grade 5)
  • Reading Mastery is available in two versions, Reading Mastery Classic for use with students between Kindergarten and grade 3 and Reading Mastery Plus, an integrated reading-language program for grades K-6.  Both these programs are based on  a Direction Instruction approach to teaching. Both programs begin by teaching phonemic awareness and sound-letter correspondence and moves into word and passage reading, vocabulary development, comprehension and building oral reading fluency.  
Corrective Reading (Grade 3 and up)
  • The SRA Corrective Reading program provides intensive Direct Instruction -based reading intervention for students in Grade 3 and higher who are reading below age and grade expectations.  It contains 4 levels of decoding (reading) and 4 levels of comprehension.
Corrective Reading Comprehension (Grade 3 and up)

Some students learn to read words on a page but are less able to comprehend what they read.  If your child is a fluent ‘reader’ but struggles with answering simple questions about the what they read or does not appear to understand the meaning of the story they may be a student who doesn’t understand much of what they read.  

Corrective Reading Comprehension programs are appropriate for students who need help in developing vocabulary, background information and reasoning skills needed as a foundation for text comprehension.  This program uses a Direct Instruction approach of delivery which research shows is the most effective way of teaching students how to read.


Expressive Writing

The SRA Expressive Writing 1 program consists of 50 regualr lessons. THe program can be used with students of any age  who can read at a 3rd grade level or above.  Expressive Writing 1 is designed for students who haven’t mastered foundational writing skills.  

Language for Writing

Language for Writing is a comprehensive writing program for students who need a highly structured approach to learn to write well. The program teaches the conventions students need to write clearly, the vocabulary needed to describe actions, events, and objects;  and the sentence structures required to put ideas into writing.  

Spelling Mastery

Spelling Mastery is a SRA program that builds dependable spelling skills for students in grades 1-6 through a highly structured method that uses the phonemic awareness approach to help beginner spellers learn the relationships between spoken sounds and written letters and then apply them to spelling.

Connecting Math Concepts

The Connecting Math Concepts SRA program is designed to teach or accelerate the math learning performance of students in Kindergarten to grade 5.  The program provides highly explicit and systematic instruction in the wide range of content in the Core standards of math.  This math program gives students who are at-risk of falling behind or who are significantly falling behind a chance to catch up and learn math.

Prism Math (grades 1-8)

Prism Math is a supplemental math program designed to teach struggling students the fundamentals of numeracy. The workbooks are skill based, easy to understand and include review and assessment materials.  It provides full exposure to all areas of mathematics including number sense, geometry, data management and algebra.

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