Academic Intervention

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Direct Instruction Teaching and Curriculum

Direct Instruction is a teacher-directed teaching method that uses clear, straight forward, explicit teaching techniques to teach language, reading, writing, spelling and math. Lessons are carefully planned, in small increments to stop misunderstanding of lesson content. Clear and step-by-step instruction greatly improves and speeds up learning.

Precision Teaching

Precision Teaching is a method of planning a teaching program to meet the needs of individual children who are experiencing difficulty with acquiring or maintaining a specific skill. It can be used to teach in a number of curriculum areas: reading, writing, spelling and math.

Fluency Based Instruction

The goal of Fluency-based instruction is not only for the student to perform correctly but also to perform at a rate that leads to success. When reading, fluency is the ability to read a text accurately and quickly. Fluency is often what makes the difference between a good reader and a poor reader.

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