ABA Kindergarten Classroom

The ABA Kindergarten Classroom is a half day or full day intensive day program focusing on the skills required to be a successful student in the traditional kindergarten classroom.  This program is designed to teach to the Ontario school curriculum while focusing on communication and language development, social skill development, activities of daily living and essential learning skills.  The ABA classroom provides a safe, nurturing, effective learning environment for children who require clear directed instruction.  The staff to student ratio is 1-3.

SBSLG Team Members:

  • Child
  • Classroom Teacher
  • Behavior Therapist
  • Clinical Supervisor
  • Resource Consultant
  • Psychologist

Who is this program for:

  • Children 4-6 years of age
  • Children with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder or children who require a specialized learning environment with an emphasis on social communication and learning skills development.

Service includes:

  • Strength and Needs Assessment
  • Individual Program Plan
  • Classroom instruction
  • School collaboration


All packages include a Strengths and Needs Assessment and an Individual Program Plan.

Sessions (2019/2020 Academic Year)

# of days Cost: (16 w)
Term 1 (Sept 3-Dec 21)
Term 2 Jan 6-Apr 24)
Cost: (8 w)
Term 3 (Apr 27-Jun 19)
5 days
(9-12 or 1-4 pm)
10,800 5,400
2 days
(9-12 or 1-4 pm)
4,320 2,160
3 days
(9-12 or 1-4 pm)
6,480 3,240
2 days
(9-3 pm)
8,640 4,320
3 days
(9-3 pm)
12,960 6,480

Individualize your package with Add-ons:

  • 1-1 Skill Focused Behavioral Intervention Clinic ($60 per hour)
    • Available in 30-minute blocks during class time or 30 minutes before or after class time or on separate days


Call now to reserve a spot for your child in September, 2019
(availability based on enrollment).

Prices are in effect as of June 18, 2019.